Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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I'm not really sure what I'd planned on posting about when I signed into blogger. Too bad for you, dear reader--I'm just going to make something up!

First of all, I hate typing right now. I partially severed the extensor tendon for my right index finger, which means a have a splint on and I have to type with just three fingers on my right hand. I'm used to typing quickly and without looking, so the modified 3-finger hunt-and-peck isn't fin. Maybe I'll just stop using words with the letter "n"--I hit "m" instead every time. It's really getting old, and it's another 3 weeks before I get the splint off. Not cool.

My husband (who will be referred to as "the Big Guy", since that's what I usually call him anyway) showed me a great article tonight--check it out here. The idea (in case you're too lazy to read it) is that there is a verse in the Bible--I Kings 7:23-26--states that god created the sea that was 10 cubits in diameter with a 30 cubit circumference. Since pi=c/d, the bible states that pi=3.00. As we all know, the approximation of pi that we all know and love is 3.14152etc... So, what does the biblical calculation of pi mean? Well, if you want to teach intelligent design in schools, then you should also teach that the bible says that pi=3.00.

So maybe this post is a preview of what's to come--a combination of uninteresting, trivial details about my life and political/religious/scholarly thoughts of the moment.

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